20151208_fotoshoot Jeannette Hanenburg18a_KATSIGN Jeannette Hanenburg

Jeannette is a consultant at S.I.P. & C.O.. She takes care of colour advice and interior coaching with a unique method. She is founder of the company Colour Professionals. This is a training centre for colour specialists, with a diverse offer of courses and training in the field of colour.

Jeannette is a member of the prestigious scientific international organization AIC-color and member of the international study group The Language of Colour. She is Co-founder of the Belgian Association ICA Belgium.

Besides working with colour, Jeannette loves to travel. These ‘missions’ are often
with a colour theme. She likes to visit conferences, trade fairs and exhibitions at home and abroad to keep abreast of new developments in the field of trends and colour.

BOARD-Claire Claire De Maere

Claire graduated in fashion studies ESMOD, and has a Master in Business Administration and international representation. She is a colour, style & trend specialist, and a colour, trends and design semantics trainer at City of 8. She is Co-founder of the Belgian Association ICA Belgium.

board-filip Filip Roscam

Filip Roscam is product designer, colour trend specialist and effect-colour consultant for several clients of Merck KGaA. He holds lectures and works with designers and clients in Europe, USA, the Middle East and Asia. He designed several inspiration-styling materials and trend forecasts for various industries: architecture, automotive and consumer goods. The tools are designed and managed throughout the whole process: from concept- and trend influence phase, over theme and story-telling, lab formulation collaboration until final customer presentations and video’s. Filip conducted several successful CMF projects with car manufacturers and consumer electronics producers. He holds Board positions at the global organization Color Marketing Group and the Interdisciplinary Colour Association Belgium.

BOARD-Inez2 Inez Michiels

Inez is Co-founder of City of 8, research association in the field of design semantics. She is researcher, consultant and author on this subject. She is an international trainer. Inez has a Master of Arts and was member of the research group at the Artesis-Plantijn University College in Antwerp Belgium. She is Co-founder of the Belgian Association ICA Belgium.

Inez believes in colour as a means of communication, having a strong symbolic content. Nothing can be said about colour without taking into account the context, the surroundings, the culture, the viewer. That is why she believes in ICA Belgium as an interdisciplinary approach towards colour.